Amy Souza and Bobbie Troy

Vertical My Time Rips 5

Amy Souza

Acrylic and collage on paper
Created using Bobbie Troy’s poem (below) as inspiration

My time
By Bobbie Troy

it’s my time now
don’t follow me

I danced to your tune
for so long
that I felt like
a whirling dervish
expelling my soul
amid bits of brightly colored cloth

it’s my time now
don’t follow me



Amy Souza
Inspiration piece provided to Bobbie Troy

That Year
By Bobbie Troy

no matter how hard I try
I cannot forget that year

you slipped into my life
like hope riding a silent bicycle

I jumped on the back
and was transported
to a magical land of otherworldliness

we traveled far
exploring new worlds and each other
I held on tightly
feeling for the edge of you
and finding it inside myself

then just as quickly as it began
the ride was over
when you took back
that piece of you

no matter how hard I try
I cannot forget that year

wait, wait
is that a shadow of hope
I see in the crowd?

Note: All of the art, writing, and music on this site belongs to the person who created it. Copying or republishing anything you see here without express and written permission from the author or artist is strictly prohibited.



  1. What a wonderful concept! I enjoyed both the art and the poems.

    • Thanks, Dee Ann. I’m glad that you enjoyed them.

  2. Beautiful collaborative work! I love this project and these particular inspirations.

    • Thanks, Annmarie. Yes, this project is totally

  3. The creative art with the heartfelt poetry was well matched. “feeling for the edge of you and finding it inside my self” was heavenly.

    • Thanks, Mary Ann!

  4. Lovely poems!! especially My Time.

    • Thanks, Evelyn!

  5. Inspiration and beauty were found here.

  6. The colour and texture of the paintings not only visually expressed the emotion of the words, but also culled some hidden feeling tucked in between the lines. Absolutely beautiful!

    • Thanks, Val!

  7. Fantastic blending of art and poem — words weaving into meaningful inspiration from paintings. Just wonderful. Thank you for heartfelt emotions!

    • Thanks, Jeanette. I recognize your name from vox poetica. You always make such lovely comments.

  8. I really enjoy the concept of the art work with the poetry..it is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing with me! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving…Upi (Claudia)

    • Thanks, Claudia. Good to hear from you.

  9. Just beginning to explore the creativity in this site. Exciting opportunities to push the creative boundaries. Very enjoyable.

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