Brian MacDonald and Kathy Doran

MacDonald R

Brian MacDonald
Created using Kathy Doran’s prose poem (below) as inspiration

As Serious as Sepia
By Kathy Doran

In this one you are holding an oversized Bible and I realize that you must be the grandfather I never met…my father’s father who fell on his head out of the tobacco barn and woke up the next day and became a Nazarene preacher. In this photo you are wearing clothes befitting a gentleman farmer, but your eyes have the haunted look of a crazed street minister. The photo is black and white, but the tone is more in keeping with the yellowed seriousness of sepia. In the photo, you’re about 28 years old, but your eyes, rounded and hollow, cast you in a different light. You look more like one of those Civil War soldiers with smoldering cinders for eyes. You’d be dead in a year.


MacDonald I

Brian MacDonald
Inspiration piece provided to Kathy Doran

Shelf Space
By Kathy Doran

You were on board before the simplify trend
A strong urge for order; my desire to amend

Of superheroes and T-Rex, you begged me to divest
My life of “demonic possessions,” my OCD to nest

I undertook the clearing and began mourning what I’d lost
Said farewell to those things I’d collected and regretted the cost

The dollar amount, of course, but mostly the psychic space
The time I’d put into collecting and finding the perfect place

To display my shelves of sustenance, way more than enough
I should have focused on the distance created by my stuff

You never understood the feeling created by my things
Surrounded by cherished items and the safety that it brings

To you it was just stuff that you tossed upon a pile
Horrified and crying, I watched your mean little smile

It was the beginning of the end, but I didn’t know it at the time
I tried to change…be more like you, but it was an uphill climb

We said goodbye and parted; I was saddened by my loss,
But it’s not you that I miss, just my treasures that you tossed.
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