Dawn Doran and Amy Souza

Dawn Doran R

Dawn Doran
Painted using Amy Souza’s poem (below) as inspiration

Version 2.0
By Amy Souza

The second story apartment left you too far above the earth at a time when you needed to be, at least figuratively, grounded.

So you

  • dug a garden in the side yard.
  • Scratched at the soil
    • licked it off your fingertips
    • bit it out of your nails,
      • hungrily,
      • greedily.

You wanted to

  • lie in it,
  • make dirt angels,
  • sleep there until little pieces of you decomposed:
    • the parts you didn’t need,
    • the parts that hurt,
    • the parts that seemed better suited to providing nitrogen and phosphorous to the sprawling yarrow plant than to traveling around inside you.

Digging deeper you

  • pulled out handfuls of clay:
    • cold
    • gray-brown
  • created tiny spheres, which you
    • flatted into pancakes,
    • rolled between your palms to fashion mud cigars
  • and distracted yourself from
    • the only thing you wanted to make but couldn’t:
      • a brand new you.


Dawn Doran I revised

Dawn Doran
Throwing the Careful Into the Crazy
Inspiration piece provided to Amy Souza

Crazily Careful or Carefully Crazy?
a surreally structured poem
By Amy Souza

This fire
Scrapes flying dreams:
His donkey flies deftly
Pink with flaming attachment,
On sequins.

Bottles clear
Of two deep-blue corazónes
Smearing those baubles
over which banner, but foiling foils
To paint.

Memories (swirls):
Red fires, attached,
Express toward their hearts,
Feel then stars, marks, love
A flame.

(Sentence structure after “On Being Introduced to You” by Eve Merriam.)

Note: All of the art, writing, and music on this site belongs to the person who created it. Copying or republishing anything you see here without express and written permission from the author or artist is strictly prohibited.


  1. Grounded suffused through me like a surprise, radiating goosebump! I guess you could say I was tickled. Then again, I guess you could say it was something more.

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