Jane Hulstrunk and Jacqueline Gaulin

Hulstrunk R 1Hulstrunk R 2

Jane Hulstrunk
Created using Jacqueline Gaulin’s story (below) as inspiration

Excerpt from the short story “Homesick”
By Jacqueline Gaulin

I’m standing on the edge of nothingness and I want to jump in. I want to float, fast and furiously away, down towards the falls, over rocks, like a piece of debris. Is it better on the other side? It is sunset now and I see the end. The sky is on fire and I feel the heat of its rage. What once was fertile and green is now a muddy mess of fallen limbs, candy and chip wrappers, bottles, old tires, two by fours, and broken chairs. A plastic gas can sticks out from the heap, only because it is red. Bird sounds and insect squeals are silenced by loud, ground rattling explosions—earthquake like and frightening. All I can hear are grown men blowing up the underground before winter—making places for more houses and less air. I worry about the deer, the foxes, and all the animals, which no longer nestle deep within the former lush land now destroyed. The smells of scared skunks linger in the air—always. What was before rare and purposeful is now unnatural and alarming. Dissipated are the scents of evergreens and wildflowers and of the outdoors. I want to float fast away on this polluted river, far from the developers’ greed that is wrestling divine creation and winning.

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