Jim Doran and Caroline Davies

Jim Doran R Davies

Jim Doran
The Dead Man and the Sea

Created using Caroline Davies’s poem (below) as inspiration

Crow in the House
By Caroline Davies

The jet black crow
clinging to the top
of the old Welsh dresser.

The trail of soot
across the carpet
from the chimney.

How the crow’s black
eyes watched her mother

before it made
a dive
for the closed windows.

How her mother advanced
ramrod straight.
Drew the curtains

shut with a flourish
plunging the room
into a subterranean gloom.

How the crow on the floor
at her feet, emitted a small
squeak and was silent.

How her mother flung
arms wide and the crow
flapped up, swerved violently

over her head into the hallway
through the door they’d just entered
out into the light of the street.

How her mother baked
a chocolate cake that night
to make up for the fright

Although it was the crow
who was scared, not her
and the smell of feathers, soot

and not showing fear
became fixed in her head
with the dark taste of chocolate.


Jim Doran_Davies I_two

Jim Doran
There’s no turning back, 6″ x 4″

Inspiration piece provided to Caroline Davies

No turning back
By Caroline Davies

We swam and we swam
Each one keeping separate
after the grabbers and flounderers
dragged people down.

We swam and we swam
after the waters rose
after all became sea
stretching flat to the horizon.

We swam and we swam
I refused to remember
my sons clinging to their father
as the waters foamed.

We swam and we swam
lines of refugees
Each hour a water logged body
would cease struggling. Sink.

We swam and we swam
I wondered what a god
or gods would make
of us tiny sticks

We swam and we swam
until my soul soared.
Watched the rows
of swimmers with pity.

They swam on
little ghosts.
White stars against
the black ocean.

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