Lynne Elizabeth Heiser and Gabriel Shanks

Heiser R

Lynn Elizabeth Heiser
Get the Sensation

Mixed media on paper, 12 x 15 inches
Created using Gabriel Shanks’s prose poem (below) as inspiration

The Real Thing
By Gabriel Shanks

We’re committed to delivering the best in customer satisfaction. We take care of our little corner of the world. We’re like a good neighbor. We celebrate the moments of your life. We’re more fun than a big bag of fun. We’re just doing our part. We’re happiest when you’re happier than we are. We’re alive with fruit flavor. We kissed you first. We try and try and try. We think you’re really easy to talk to. We’ll leave a light on for you. We are twice the pain reliever of the other leading brand. We give 110 percent. We grab life by the horns. We’re thinking outside the box. We’re keeping you in the loop. We don’t just brain storm, we take idea showers. We get the sensation. We love to fly and it shows. We keep going and going and going. We incentivise. We relate. We’re good to the last drop. We are a terrible thing to waste. We think different. We are no more tears. We melt in your mouth, not in your hands. We just do it. We are soaking in it. We are all we can be. We double your pleasure. We are the best a man can get. We taste the adventure. We bring good things to life. We never stop working for you. We share the fantasy. We are everything you want, nothing you don’t. We care enough to send the very best. We are eternity. We are the real thing. We are something special in the air.


Heiser I

Lynn Elizabeth Heiser
Venetian Doorway

Mixed media on canvas, 30 x 60 inches
Inspiration piece provided to Gabriel Shanks

Significant Blur
By Gabriel Shanks

This air,
salted with dust and sunlight,
this air has hung like this,
just like this,
since Josephine came to sing.

When she sang,
she held the jamb of this door,
this very door and the light,
the golden light,
drenched her in damnation.

And the sight,
the glorious sight made the room
blur and swoon, the room of
demigods of New York,
swooning to her song.

You’re too young,
too young, to know how this
old oak glowed.  Too young,
but there’s the echo,
the significant blur in the air,

Her air,
breathing us in.

Note: All of the art, writing, and music on this site belongs to the person who created it. Copying or republishing anything you see here without express and written permission from the author or artist is strictly prohibited.


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