Mark Ellinger and Adam Cornford

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Mark Ellinger
Inspiration pieces provided to Adam Cornford

The Dahlia Hotel, 1947: A Book of Hours
By Adam Cornford

12:00..Daylight is a dusty geometry yet night-time is a physiology of neon

1:00..Silk nightgowns curl and sway, orchids in a garden of airplane traps

2:00..The beds are long windows against which the dreamers twitch
…………like moths

3:00..On winter afternoons the lobby hums with the blue-gray bees of secrecy

4:00..Faces are held ajar while their owners peer out expectantly or fearfully

5:00..Bedside lamps go on suddenly like afterthoughts just before dawn

6:00..The fire stairs smell of cigars, roses, gun-oil, and other forms of fire

7:00..While fog moves in, curtains fall heavy as blonde hair over the twilight

8:00..Old men back into rooms like hermit crabs, smoke waving from
………..their claws

9:00..Some of the mirrors are dishonest while others are doors into darkness

10:00..In the corridors, hats twitch and hover together before gliding apart

11:00..Under the carpeting the wood grain forms pages of an unreadable atlas

12:00..Only the night clerk swims motionless in the currents of the blues

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